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Norbert Bunge
The argus fotokunst art gallery was founded in 1996 in Berlin by the documentary film maker Norbert Bunge. His aim was to present classic photography of the twentieth century in all its shapes and forms. His particular passion for narrative and documentary photography is also to be seen in the gallery.
The presentation of East German photographers such as Arno Fischer, Ursula Arnold, Helga Paris, Uwe Steinberg, Barbara Berthold, Ulrich Wüst, Christian Borchert and Manfred Paul has been a specific aim of the gallery from the beginning.Discovering young photographers is as much a feature of the gallery programme as presenting the work of internationally acclaimed photographers. Norbert Bunge has already succeeded on several occasions in rediscovering and displaying the work of photography legends long forgotten, such as the American photographer Clemens Kalischer and the Hungarian master photographer George Friedmann.
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