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Will McBride  

Foto: David Hornback
He is a monolith of creative photo-reportage in this century: Will McBride, an American who's landed up in Germany, a universal talent - photographer, painter and sculptor. The camera has been his most important personal instrument for conjuring up a fascinating image of the age. He was the star of twen, the cult magazine of the young generation in the sixties and after. Artistically speaking, he handled his Leica as he would his eye, creating inimitable, often intimate, new views of reality. (L. Fritz Gruber)

1931 Born in St. Louis, USA
1948-50 Studies English Literature at the University of Vermont, in the meantime is private student of Norman Rockwell
1950-51 Studies painting at the National Academy of Design, New York

Studies art history, painting and illustration at Syracuse University, New York. B.F.A
1953-55 Military service with the U.S Army in Germany. Starts on photographic work in Germany
1955-58 Moves to Berlin: studies philology at the Freie Universität, with art and photography as well
1959-72 Marries, has three sons, freelance photographer first in Berlin, then from 1961 onwards in Munich;
picture essays and reports especially for twen, Quick, Eltern; picture articles in Geo, Stern, Life, Look and Paris Match
1965 Guest lecturer for photojournalism at the University of Shape and Form in Ulm
1972 First individual exhibition in the Christoph Dürr gallery, Munich; moves to Tuscany
1974-79 Several workshops, amongst others at Rencontres
1981 Internationales de la Photographie in Arles Exhibition "Will McBride: Autobiographie" in the PPS-Galerie, Hamburg
1982 Returns to Germany; Studio for Photography, exhibition "Siddharta" Galerie Art + Book, Hamburg
1992-93 Great retrospective "Will McBride - 40 Jahre Fotografie" amongst others in Frankfurt (Kunstverein), Bonn (Rheinisches Landesmuseum), Hamburg (PPS -
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