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Max Jacoby  

Foto: Uwe Rau
Max Jacoby's work is a symbiosis of artistic imagination with high technical ability and shows a deep respect for craftsmanship. Allan Porter ("camera")

Was born June 8th 1919 in Koblenz near the Rhine.

In 1937, Max Jacoby had to leave Germany. The family emigrated to Buenos Aires, where Jacoby was trained as a photographer, amongst others, by George Friedman (1910-2002).

In 1941, at the age of twenty-two, he became self-employed and worked in South America and New York for magazines and advertising agencies.

In 1951, together with other photographers, he founded the "Group of Ten" that set the high level of South American photography.

In 1957, after twenty years of absence from Germany, Max Jacoby returned to Berlin, where he worked for German and American publishing houses and magazines.
Since 1976 he has been working together with his wife Hilla Jacoby on several illustrated books, such as "Shalom", Hoffman & Campe, 1978
"The Land of Israel", Thames and Hudson, 1978
"New York", Hoffmann & Campe, 1981
"Israel - the miracle", Hänssler Verlag, 1988, and many more
He participated in the world photography exhibition in 1966, 1968 "Unterwegs zum Paradies", and "Die Kinder der Welt"

Exhibitions (selection)

Buenos Aires, 1948 and 1956
Galleria il diaframma, Milan, 1969
Photo Gallery "Die Brücke", Vienna, 1971
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