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Karl Ewald (1904-1969)  
The "Traumfabrik" (German synonym for Hollywood) with its huge motion picture studios, attracted the most exceptional photographers, yet most of them remained unknown and unheard of. Only the names of the film producers or companies are to be found on actor/film star pictures or photos from film scenes - one looks in vain for the name or stamp of the photographer.
This exhibition however is an exception to the rule - Photographs by Karl Ewald himself, and with his signature to prove it!
Karl Ewald was born in Berlin in 1904. Early on he learnt the profession of photography and as an eager film fan he found it easy to gain access to the major film studios. Ewald always worked as a freelance photographer for Ufa, Tobis, Badal, Terra and for other film companies.

In his workshop in Neukölln, Leinestr. 54, and later on in Albertinenstr. 27 in Berlin Weißensee he portrayed both current and upcoming stars.
Famous actors and actresses such as Marlene Dietrich, Rosa Valetti, Magda Schneider, Adele Sandrock, Jenny Yugo, Marianne Hoppe, Paul Wegener, Hans Albers, Gustav Fröhlich, Luis Trenker, Heinz Rührmann, Gustav Gründgens and many more have all stood in front of
his camera. Karl Ewald was one of the still photographers in Josef von Steinberg's Film "Der Blaue Engel".

In 1943 he was drafted into the Wehrmacht (German army).
1945-1948 imprisoned as prisoner of war after World War II
In 1949, after being released, Ewald moved to Munich, where the film industry had relocated after the war.
Ewald worked in Geiselgasteig, in the Bavaria studios and for other film companies.
1955-1964 Ewald founded the Ewald & Ewald photo studio together with his son Frithjof.
In 1965, after the death of his wife Käte, Ewald remarried.
Karl Ewald died on November 8th in Munich.
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